Travel is one of life’s natural highs. Roaming to international locales packed with diverse culture and exotic experiences wakes up the adventurer in us all – but planning those trips takes some effort. With that in mind, here are five of the most important tips that ensure traveling across the globe will go off without a hitch.

Allot extra time for travel.

Delays can be incredibly costly to travelers due to unforeseen circumstances and often it’s out of the control of the traveler. Make it a rule to tack on an extra hour of travel time prior to your expected departure time. This simple trick ensures that world trekkers are better able to get to their next destination with less stress on themselves and their wallets.

Travel as light as possible.

There is nothing worse than being bogged down by unnecessary weight while traveling across an exotic country. Try to pack only items essential to your safety and wellbeing when exploring the world this summer. Excessive amounts of shoes and or clothing only serve to complicate matters while traveling. You should also look for hotel accommodations that come with built in amenities so you can leave things like your hair dryer at home. Do your best to limit your inner-hoarder when planning your next trip. After all, wouldn’t you like more room for fun souvenirs from your travels?

Renew your passport, now.


There comes a time in any experienced traveler’s journeying when they realize the most prized possession they carry is their passport. Travel documents act as the only identifying marker that tells foreign governments who you are and where you call home. In rare instances, even some of the most developed countries will actually deny entry based on the expiration date of travel documents. Allow at least an expiration-date-cushion as far out as one year from your intended return date to avoid any international missteps in your itinerary.

Invest in an international data plan.

While traveling, many travelers want to still be able to communicate with family and friends no matter where they find themselves on the globe. Most cell phone and data providers actually offer international data packages to make sure you can stay in contact with loved ones back home for an additional fee. According to a survey conducted by ComputerWorld in 2016, T-Mobile offers the most efficient, safe and fast service internationally when compared to its competitors.

Pack a physical map.


When it comes to the possibility of things not going according to plan, the worst possible scenario can present itself at the drop of a hat. Imagine exploring the lush ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest. You’ve been using a battery pack-extender to keep your cell phone’s Google Map feature running when unexpectedly it runs out of juice. In the event you don’t have an experienced guide to get you back to safety, a paper map of the area would surely come in handy. Invest in at least two hard-copy detailed maps of the region and city you’re planning on visiting – you won’t regret it!

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Katie Parsons works with Westgate Reservations as a reservation specialist. She is the creator of parenting blog and lives in Central Florida, U.S. with her family of 7.