I’ve been flying quite a bit recently. St Albans is very fortunately positioned with easy access to all five of London Airports, giving it immediate access to the whole world.

Leaving Terminal Two of London Heathrow I was reminded of flying history when I saw Concorde, parked up in the distance: a real treat but too far away and small to photograph!

What also demonstrated how far we had come in the air we we taxi’d past one of Emirates monster double decker airliners: The New Airbus A380.

Then we taxi’d past a whole row of British Airway’s Airbus A380s… now that was really impressive.

But I was particularly aware of how far we had come as I had recently visited the amazing Shuttleworth Museum in Bedfordshire!!!

But it is not what we go up in that really gets me excited, when I look forward to flying: it’s what we can fly over. Someone will tell me what this mountain range was somewhere between Athens and London: I think it was part of the Alps but it could be the Dolomites.

As the Shuttleworth Museum proves: you don’t have to travel far for a wow, but when you do: WOW!

The Shuttleworth Collection

British Airways