The Whitsunday Islands are not properly understood by most tourists that consider a visit. That is mainly due to the fact that the islands only now started to appear as suggestions as the travel agencies started to understand the huge value of the possible attractions. We are talking about a destination that is perfect for every single person out there that wants to do anything. There is practically an endless number of activities you can be a part of. Out of them, we will talk those that are great according to the popularity that they enjoy among past tourists.

Seeing Whitsunday Wonders From Above

Most people think about sailing Whitsundays and there is nothing wrong with that, as we will see below. However, a really thrilling alternative that has to be considered is viewing the Whitsunday Islands (especially the Great Barrier Reef) from above. There are many different opportunities that will help you to have a truly unforgettable experience.

Try to look for an opportunity that allows you to fly right over the islands, Bait Reef, Whitehaven beach, Hardy Reef and Hill Inlet. If you can go on a seaplane tour, make sure that it includes a stop at Whitehaven Beach since that will help you enjoy the experience more. There is also a route that takes you over the northern part of the Whitsunday Islands and the outer Great Barrier Reef should be considered through a helicopter ride.

Whitsundays Sailing Opportunities


You really need to consider going sailing Whitsundays with and similarly experienced tour operators because of the fact that this is basically the best possible way to experience all that the Whitsunday Islands have to offer. There are so many different Whitsundays sailing opportunities that you can consider.

You can easily explore some of the national parks that are available and visit truly exotic locations like Whitehaven beach, Hook Passage, Hamilton Island and Cid Harbor. Keep in mind that these are just some recommendations. Make sure that you document yourself and that you look online for mentions of all the locations that are covered by the considered sailing Whitsundays packages. The more information you have, the better the tour that you will choose.

Never forget to analyze the complete itinerary. There are many packages that you can buy and some of them are better than others based on what you need and want. For instance, some people want to be alone on their vacation while others want to socialize. In this case, you need to analyze how many people will go with you on the sailing trip based on the boat you will be on.

Whitsundays Kayaking Opportunities

There are basically two ways in which you can enjoy Whitsundays kayaking. You can be a part of sailing Whitsundays cruises that also include kayaking or you can simply go to locations where you can rent your kayaking equipment. Both options are great and choice is based on what you want to do on the rest of your trip. If you want to go sailing and look at many different travel destinations, you should go for the sailing option. If you want to be completely free and choose what you want to do whenever you want to do it, just go for the free approach in which you simply create your own itinerary.

Whitsundays Diving Opportunities

This is the real Mecca of Whitsundays tourism. There are dozens of spots where you can go diving and every single person that enjoyed this activity in the past will tell you that Whitsundays diving is really wonderful. There are hundreds of different species of fish that are visible in every spot and the corals are simply unforgettable. Combine this with the stunning landscapes that are visible while you get to the diving spots and you have a truly wonderful experience that you cannot forget.

Basking In The Sun

The Whitsunday Islands are perfect for people that want to relax and recharge their batteries. If you are looking for a quiet holiday that is filled with relaxation, you have to consider one of the stunning beaches that can be visited here. While Whitehaven Beach is definitely the one that you do not want to miss but dozens of other beaches can be considered. Think about what package you choose and if relaxation is truly important for you, go for one of the beaches. You will love it.

Choose Your Travel Package Wisely

No matter what you choose from Whitsundays kayaking to sailing Whitsundays, make sure that you allow yourself enough research time. Think about how much money you have available and see what packages you can afford. Then, learn all that you can about the tour operator or the agency that offers you that particular package. The more information you have, the better the choice that you will make!

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