Charming Hotels in France

The last time we went to France, we hardly left the hotel, so relaxing were the immediate surroundings – the restaurant, the pool, the bar, the gardens, the spa. So whilst it is always good to know that you are in the middle of beautiful countryside just aching to be explored, we have always found it more useful to know that, if we really didn’t want to, then we really woudn’t be disappointed to complete a relaxing stay within the boundaries of our hotel.

last time I was in a charming hotel in France I didn't leave all week!

I didn’t leave all week!

What is not so relaxing is finding the hotel. With  hundreds of hotel sites and hotel comparison sites and hotel review sites and hotel booking sites, sometimes it is  hard to find the right hotel with the right mix of interesting charm and peaceful tranquility.

The good news is that, with just 180 hotels across Europe (including 118 in France), Relais Du Silence has simplified the job no end!

The very name seems to counjour up the essence of charming hotels nestled in the heart of the Rhone countryside! So it is no wonder that the company values the surroundings that make its hotels so special. After all, it is all well and good having the perfect hotel inside, but that needs to be complmented by its surroundings – whether the views be of forest or ocean, mountain, lake or rolling countryside!

Responsible Tourism

But I am not a lazy tourist. I have long been a strong supporter of responsible tourism. In these days of cheap flights, invasive tech and a globally mobile population, it is important to recognise the responsibility that the travelling community have to help, not only save what we still have but improve on it too!

So I strongly support the work that companies like Relais du Silence do in minimising the effect they have on their surroundings, actively making sure that the environment is saved for future generations to enjoy too.

Relais Du Silence hotels  encourage all of their properties to be environmentally-friendly.  They compost, selectively sort rubbish, use eco-labelled cleaning products and, where they can, source food locally. But it is up to us to make sure that all hotels do the same and that every day they strive to do even more.So make the eco policies of Relais Du Salon your minimum requirement when booking a hotel – any hotel. Because if a hotel cannot show that they are helping the environment, then they are destroying it!More information on the Relais Du Silence can be found at