If you are a regular traveller you will probably be au fait with the ins and outs of Duty Free – what you are allowed and what you are not allowed to take in and out of the countries that you visit on your travels and where and how you can pick up your discounted goods before you head back home.

Of course within the EU it is made much more easy because we don’t get duty free any more. But travelling in and out of everywhere else Duty Free is back on the menu!

In addition to the usual places you can buy duty free – hotels, airports, high street duty free shops – you can also shop on line. Every outlet has different products, different prices and diferent rates. And the amout that you are allowed to spend varies both on the country you hail from and the country you have visited.

Starting to sound a little complicated?

Well as with all things in this world, when the choices seem to stack up, what happens? Somebody sets up a comparison site! And this is the same with Duty Free shopping.

So now you can make┬áDuty Free price comparisons on the web – allowing you to discover the best prices around the world, before you travel and get your Duty Free Perfumes and fragrances, food, accessories, souvenirs, electrical goods and even clothes delivered to your hotel room just before your departure. Duty Free Perfumes and fragrances

If you are interested head to www.easydutyfree.com and see what they can offer – it is easy to search their list of duty free goods

There are a few rules you have to abide by and unfortunately the site is not for those of us from St Albans – in fact if you live anywhere in the EU then it is back to trawling the duty free shops, but it is interesting to note that the rest of the world still can feel the benefit: well those over 16!