Bali Island has been popular for years among tourists, both domestic and international. Bali is an island, which is also a province in Indonesia, South East Asia. This island is well known as the most visited tourist destination area in Indonesia. It attractions come in the culture, art, and spectacular views. This tropical island has very beautiful sceneries like white sandy beaches with waves great for surfing. Underwater views are also spectacular so diving and snorkeling is also becoming the best option to do during your holiday in Bali. Besides, there are beautiful mountains and lake along with the richness of culture and tradition reflected in many processions and ceremonies. With those attractions, supported by its popularity which consequently brings development on infrastructure and tourists accommodation, Bali Island is the place which deserves of your precious time during holiday.

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Tourist Destinations

Bali Island is the heaven for tourists. This 5.636.66 km2 island is like made as tourist destinations. Bali is the area which has high numbers of notable tourist destinations. These are the popular places you must visit during your holiday in Bali. The first one is Kuta Beach. This is often called as the center of Bali tourism as this is the place with the most complete facilities to support Bali’s tourism. There are many home stays and hotels around Kuta Beach, various in sizes and costs, from cheap ones suitable with backpackers to the exclusive and luxurious ones. There are also Luxury Bali Villas. Besides, around this beach, there are shopping centers, night life facilities, sport center and facilities such as bungee jumping and water boom. But, the real attraction of Kuta Beach is its nature to be one of the best sunsets in the world. When evening is nearly coming, people will gather to enjoy and capture the best sunset from this white sandy beach. Once the sunset is over, people can enjoy dishes on their dinner near the beach. After that, they can choose to enjoy night life in club and bars with their friends or family.


Unlike Kuta Beach which is well known for its spectacular sunset, Sanur Beach is famous for its sunrise. This beach is located only six kilometers from Denpasar, capital of Bali Island in which international airport Ngurah Rai located. Sanur is one of the most favorite tourist destinations because it has great sunrise view. This is the heaven for people who love surfing. The waves here are very great to do this water sport. People can do parasailing and canoe as well. Tourists are usually also sun bathing in this beach. This beach is not only popular among domestic tourists but also international tourists.

The next famous destination is Tanah Lot, located 13 kilometers of the west of Tabanan. This is very famous place because there is famous shrine located on top of stone hill on the sea shore line. People can visit Tanah Lot if there is not sea tide. Many people do not reach the shrine but only look at it from the sea shore to enjoy the uniqueness of it. They can take pictures. Many tourists are also waiting for sunset here. Aside from Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot is the place often visited when tourists want to capture the beautiful sunset in Bali sky. There are many others tourist destinations in Bali which you can visit like Kintamani, Bedugul, and many more.

Tour Packages

When you decide to spend your holiday in Bali, you do not need to worry about anything. Bali has all facilities to support its tourism. For simplest option, you can choose tour package which cover whole travelling from transportation, entrance fee, foods, and hotels. You can also ask for personalized favor such as place to stay. It can be arranged easily in many tour and travel services. You can also plan your holiday alone which means you rent vehicle alone and make your own route. This is up to you to choose which one. For the place to stay, Bali has various hotels and villas. Most of these hotels and villas are located near tourist destinations and crowded public place. But, there are luxurious villas which can accommodate your need toward relaxation. When you decide to stay in luxurious villa, there are many in Bali which are often used by famous people and rich people spend time in Bali.

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