When buying properties abroad it is always a good idea to check access.

It is fine if only one airline flies to the area but if that airline stopped for good or seasonally then how would that effect you? Especially if you are looking for an island retreat!

From St Albans we are lucky to be blessed with great transport links all over the world but we would still be minded to check, not only high season but low season access to the more tricky destinations.



Sardinia has long been the playground of the Jetset. When they bought their holiday home on this beautiful Mediteranean island off of the west coast of Italy they didn’t worry about scheduled airlines maintaining their services,  they just made a call and few thousand pounds later they were flying over the crystal clear waters in their own jet!

But since then the island has become a popular destination for all holidaymakers and although much of it is still refreshingly under developed (in tourism terms) the whole island benefits from the excellent range of flights coming in and out of the country. Just in 2014 new flights were added to the island by Ryan Air and Meridiana.

St Albans residents (who still make up the majority of St Albans Travel customers) are handily placed between 4 of the UK’s major airports – each boasting flights to and from one of the three airports on the island (Olbia and Alghero in the north and Cagliari in the south).

So when the inevitable conversation starts in the homes of Marshalswick or the pubs in St Michael’s, about buying a holiday home somewhere,  it should not be surprising that the ipad comes out and “Property for sale in Sardinia” is punched into Google!

After all it is cheap, cultural, warm, relaxed, friendly, close and EU laws and Italian government support make it easy to buy there.

So here is a run down of the services flying into Sardinia

  • From Gatwick, EasyJet and Meridiana fly to Olbia, Ryan Air to Cagliari and Thomsonfly to Alghero
  • From Luton, Easyjet flies to Olbia and Ryan Air to Alghero
  • From Stanstead, Easyjet flies to Cagliari
  • From Heathrow, British Airways flies to Olbia and Cagliari

If you are flying from elsewhere in the British Isles there are also flight from Bristol to Olbia,  Dublin to Alghero and Leeds to Olbia

Of course, even in this age of austerity there are still the jetset crowd amongst us and so for you I would recommend contacting Private Fly who will get you from London Luton to  Olbia, on the Costa Smeralda, and back for the weekend in  a Citation CJ2 (including pilot) for just over £11,000. Flight Time: 2:15hrs