Whilst Indonesia is a country rich in history and culture there is no doubt that one of the main draws for travelers to the country is its many magnificent beaches. And if you are a traveler that likes their beaches you would do well to set your sails for the the island of Karimun Jawa, a tropical island with warm weather and clean water located just off Java, in an archepelego  consisting of around 27 small islands where natives are mostly working as the fishermen.

Barakuda Breach on Karimun Jawa

Visitors intent on enjoying the magnificent natural beauty of Karimun Jawa can reach the island by riding a ferry from Jepara.

If you have not heard of the islands or Karimun Jawa you should read on as you will not regret  a vacation to this island paradise.

The magnificent natural beauty of the island will welcome you. It is the perfect place for relieving your tiredness with sun kissed, white sandy beaches this stunning island is carressed by breezes that blow northwest to east, giving it the perfect holiday climate.

Part of the reason that Karimun Jawa has a stunning beach along its island coast is that the  clean blue water is rarely troubled by big waves. Apart from making it the perfect destination for holiday-makers this also makes it the perfect destination for breeding turtles although they head for nearby Menjangan Besar Island. It offers travelers the incomparable happiness and satisfaction because this island is still natural and free of pollution.

Swimming with Sharks in Karimun Jawa

Having a vacation on any one of Indonesia’s island paradises is not perfect without swimming. Moreover, when the beach has very beautiful underwater scenery, the snorkeling is excellent too.

Travelers can do two activities in Karimun Jawa. Tengah and Cilik Islands are the right destinations for snorkeling lovers. They can do snorkeling in those islands. It has lots of charming marine life. They also can find poison sea snakes there but they do not worry with their attacks because those snakes are not aggressive. For travelers who like challenges, they can go to Menjangan Besar Island. They can swim in this island together with sharks. However, they also do not be afraid of the shark bites because the sharks are tame and timid. They can swim with sharks happily.

Swimming with sharks is definitely being the unforgettable experience in the life.

For travelers who love eating sea food, they can hunt crabs and shells with the unique way. They catch the crabs and shells with spears when the sea is receding. They also can visit villages in the island and learn its culture.

Author bio : Nyoman andre, an active Indonesia blogger that love to dive & travel, frequently share his experience on Private Islands for rent in Thousand Islands Jakarta.