Taxis are great but what do you do when there are 10, 12 or even 17 of you travelling together from Malaga Airport to your destination?

airport transfersStep up to the mark, the minibus. With most Costa del Sol minibus companies carrying 17 passengers in 1 vehicle and most having a few minibus vehicles in their fleet, large groups of passengers are well catered for.

So for financial reasons which we will address later it is a no brainer for a large groups to hire a minibus than using multiple taxis which wastes money.

To save yourself some money and research time jump straight to Malaga Travel Guide minibus comparison post. This post identifies the leading minibus companies operating from Malaga Airport and rates them all by service and a variety of other factors.

This article steps through the main pointers of hiring a shuttle bus, its advantages, uses and other valuable points so I would recommend you read this post to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.

Advantages of Booking a Shuttle Transfer

Hiring a minibus over a normal sized car carries more advantages for you. Furthermore, it also adds the extra fun to your trip as all your family members gets to spend the quality-time together.

airport-transfers malagaWhile travelling from Malaga Airport to your destination, you’ll find that the minibuses not only have the reasonable costs but it’s a much better alternative than taxis.

It cuts your travelling expenses- as for example, while travelling to your favourite destinations like Puerto Banus or Marbella, each taxis will cost you like 80-100 Euros and to the estimations, budget of multi taxis as well the return trip would make you a bill of 400 Euros, if not more.

Thereby, booking a minibus in this situation becomes more cost effective. It would cost you less per person and it provides you a nice relaxed transport service to kickstart your holidays, depending on the time of hire, thus giving your more reliability.

In case of day trips or excursions, like if you want to travel to some of the wonderous places like Ronda, Sierra Nevada, Gibraltar, Seville booking a transfer provides you with more flexibility, comfort and extra space right from the start .

Minbuses Are A Better Option For The Old

For elderly or disabled people, travelling becomes much more hectic and a tedious experience when you have to spend extra on getting out and about. In cases like these, minibus comes in as a helping hand. Many minibus companies offer services like picking you up from the home and dropping you back safely.

People with wheelchairs need not despair as a minibus comes with facilities that can accommodate you in, along with your wheelchair. So, a minibus helps the elderly persons in their right from the airport.

A Better Alternative than a Taxi

Hiring a minibus is definitely a better option amongst other alternatives.

  1. It provides you more space for your luggage, especially golf bags which are carried on golf package holidays.
  2. Cheaper per person than a taxi
  3. Coordinating several taxis to one destination for many people is a headache waiting to happen
  4. Personal service with most minibus drivers being friendly and a great local tour guide
  5. Your driver in Malaga Province will be English speaking thus preventing any issues with language barrier unlike Spanish taxis services
  6. Also, driving a minibus is a fun in itself; it’s larger than a normal vehicle but consist all the modern features like automatic transition, power steering and air conditioning facilities to name a few. So why choose a different mode of travelling when you can get better deals than that?


We have given you the obvious reasons why to opt for a minibus instead of other options. It can not only be a great deal of fun but a money-saver option for the tourists.

With respect to the numerous benefits provided by the minibus, it’s becoming exclusively popular amongst families or a large group of friends. It is believed that a minibus is only used for holiday trips from airports, but the fact is many people use it for the purpose of shopping as well, when the group is large.

You must have seen minibuses parked in car parking of malls and complexes. Minibuses are thus getting more and more popular these days. Thereby, I recommend you to not waste any more time and pre-book your minibus transfer in advance

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