Preparing To Move Overseas with Your Prized Possessions

Deciding to live permanently in another country is one of the major decisions an individual can ever make. Though you will be moving to a completely new environment, you may have a number of possessions that you may want to take long. This may be due to sentimental reasons or for practicality, since it may cost you less to transport your things rather than buy new ones when you reach your destination. Whatever your reason may be, it is important to keep a checklist of all your possessions and know what will go to your new home and what will have to stay, either in a storage place or in somebody else’s ownership.

Steps to Follow When It Come To Moving Your Possessions Overseas

tips on moving overseas• Separate all your belongings into two.

It is best to separate your things in a spacious area. The first set includes all the things you want and need to take along with you. The other set includes the things you will leave behind.

• Set up a garage sale a month before you leave.

You may still have many things that you no longer need but others may find useful. You can still make money out of them by putting up a garage sale.

• Start to pack the things that you have decided to bring with the use of sturdy storage boxes, bubble wrap and strong, packaging tape.

Packing your things way ahead of time will keep all your things organized and ready to ship. Using more bubble wrap than usual will make sure that your belongings will be safe. While you can hire the services of a moving company to wrap your possessions, it would be best to know exactly where you place them.

• Check the restrictions of bringing your goods to the country of your destination.

Each country has its own set of restriction rules. Some are lenient with shipment. Others will impose pricey taxes on certain items. Still, others will prohibit shipment.

• Choose a moving company that will best suit your needs.

There are several moving companies to choose from nowadays. What is important is that the company you choose is FIDI accredited, ISO certified and has the certification of Registered International Mover and Overseas Movers Network International. It may be a better idea to choose 2 or more moving companies. One is for shipping within the US. The other may have to store the packages before they are shipped to the other destination.

• Get insurance for your possessions.

It is important to have your packages insured while they are being shipped. A majority of shipping companies sell insurance policies.

• Let your stuff go smoothly through customs.

Countries are not all the same when it comes to letting your packages pass through customs. Some are more lenient than others. If you need assistance, the shipping company you are working with may recommend a customs agent.


Moving your possessions overseas does not need to be stressful. By keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can relax and just look forward to living in your new foreign home.