Malta is one of the most popular destinations in the world to visit during the holidays for a unique place to explore for incredible landscapes and a culture that is rich in the arts. The island of Malta is just south of Italy with a beach season that lasts a total of six months.

Pristine Weather, Affordable Vacations - Visit Malta this Year

The weather is pristine and beautiful for seasons that range from dry and windy winters to dry and hot summers. Many tourists begin enjoying the beach in April until the end of October for a great destination that can be enjoyed for longer than just the summer months. Although the weather is warm, the sun is out the most from July to September.

Malta can be enjoyed for a variety of activities that include water sports, the night-life, and educational activities for plenty to do throughout the day. Tourists can enjoy catching fresh fish off of the shore to visiting the trendy cafes and restaurants throughout the village. Shopping is also available for plenty of quaint boutiques to stroll to purchase souvenirs or handmade items. For those who want to enjoy the night life and visit a few clubs, St Julian’s is a popular place to enjoy having a bit of fun and rubbing shoulders with a few of the locals.

For families with kids, a fun place to visit is Popeye Village, which is an old movie set for the musical starring Robin Williams.

To experience the architecture of Malta, Palace of the Grand Masters is open to the public and has lavish and regal decor for an intriguing building that was built in 1571.

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful clear water of Malta, whether snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, or taking a boat to other areas of the island. The transparent water is comfortable and warm to dive in for a destination that feels like paradise.

The Royal Malta Golf Club is one of the most popular attractions for adults visiting the island, known as an 18-hole course that boasts a beautiful place to enjoy playing the sport. A bar, restaurant, and clubhouse are also available on a course that was built in 1888 by British servicemen. The course is a challenging one that is best for pros and those who are most experienced in the sport.

For the amount of activities available and the beautiful beaches that are easy to access, Malta is a great value that uses euros and will make for an unforgettable experience. It’s a family-friendly atmosphere that makes it easy to visit for honeymooners or those with kids for a destination that is considered one of the most serene in the world.