Just a glance down the domain names featuring in Google search results for “Stags Weekends in Prague” will give you an idea of what the best man has in mind for the bridegroom and his merry men in Prague.

Last Night of Freedom and P!ssed Up (my exclamation mark) are closely followed by TripAdvisor and Is Prague Safe. You can tell those results that are aimed at the groom and those aimed at the Bride (or the Bride’s father) waiting patiently at home!

Dig deeper and Stag Prague seems to offer the same as Prague Stag Weekend, as does Prague Stag Fun!

stag party in Prague
One of Prague’s Gentlemen’s Clubs: Goldfingers

It is clear that what is in store for the groom’s party is a heady mix of testosterone, alcohol and women, as if firing AK47s during the day, and enjoying the gentlemen’s clubs throughout the night, were typical of the activities, that the groom had been used to enjoying and is now making a vow to forever forswear.

Oh! had only my pre-wedding life been so exciting!

Whatever the excuse, a weekend, with the lads, in Prague, can be an action-packed break and it is clearly a huge attraction for young men, who will rarely get such a good excuse to misbehave within the relatively safe boundaries of euro-tourism.

Of course when I say “misbehave”, there is a very clear line between holiday-company-organised events and spilling out onto the streets of Prague in a drinky-fighty-leary mood with no thought for the locals!

Prague is safe (see the TripAdvisor article mentioned above) exactly because they effectively corale their young visitors with their clubs and their activities. The rest of the world will also be visiting but they will be enjoying the museums, the operas, the history, the food and the only time they might meet is as one group goes to bed, the other is getting up!

But even for our young men there is a more cultural side to Prague, as stag groups can discover their creative side. There areĀ  opportunities to learn to paint, enjoy the local cuisine and discover the health benefits of massage and related therapies. But boys have always needed an incentive to learn, so it will come as no surpise that each activity is enjoyed in the company of naked women: whether they are being eaten off of, painted on to or fulfilling more traditional roles.

So Prague does exactly what it says on the tin, as long as that tin says “Wine, Women and AK47s”.

It is also easy to get to, with all the main budget airlines stopping of there.

Stag parties from St Albans, can just head up the Bed-Pan line to Luton Airport and hop on one of the regular flights run by Wizz Air but Easyjet from Gatwick or Ryan Air from Stanstead will also get you there.

Just make sure that you get to the airport in time for the return journey: you wouldn’t want to miss the wedding!