Nothing beats spending time on the water on a warm summer day. Sailing is a wonderful pastime where people can unwind and witness the beauty of the water. The United Kingdom is home to several top sailing spots that will surely take your breath away. Whether you want to experience sailing for the first time or are an avid sailor, here are a few of the top sailing spots in the UK:

lake district - a top UK sailing spot

Lake District Sailing Holidays: Lake District is a splendid lake that offers beautiful waters and a serine environment. If you are new to sailing, this lake is perfect for you because the waters are very tame. Plus, if you want to learn the basics of sailing, there are classes that are offered by professional sailors. Lake District is also a good place for a family outing because there are tons of activities like sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and boating available.

Cornwall Sailing Holidays: One of the best and safest sailing spots in the UK, Cornwall Sailing Holidays is perfect for family trips. Cornwall is one of the safest places to sail because there are numerous inlets and sheltered bays around that are great for mooring. The weather conditions are also very tame and pleasant. In addition, this lake has become popular because, apart from sailing, visitors can partake in water sports or look at the catamarans for sale.

Sailing Lessons in Devon: Devon is a superb place for beginning sailors because it’s the best place to go for sailing or windsurfing lessons. You can also find catamarans for sale at Devon. The water conditions in Devon aren’t extremely tame, but they can still be managed by a beginner. In fact, since the waters aren’t too easy to manage, it gives new sailors more experience. The weather in Devon is always nice during summer because the sun comes out frequently.

Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland is a fantastic place to sail because of the amazing scenery. The ocean is a beautiful deep blue color that contrasts beautifully with the sunny sky. There are several things you can see on your sailing trip like the spectacular Mountains of Mourne or the Giant’s Causeway. Northern Ireland is also a great sailing destination for those who enjoy fishing because there are hundreds of hidden fishing villages on the way. However, Northern Ireland has tougher water conditions, making it a better option for more experienced sailors.

Day Tripping with Dolphins, Pembrokeshire: If you love marine life, this is the sailing spot for you. At the waters of Pembrokeshire, you can spot an array of sea life from vivacious dolphins to large orcas. The waters are extremely beautiful, but it’s best to come to this spot once you have more sailing experience.

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