Where is close to St Albans?

St Albans Travel - Because the rest of the world is so close
St Albans Travel – The rest of the world is so close!

We live in St Albans, but we would like to go somewhere else.

Maybe for a day trip, maybe for a short break or just maybe for a two week holiday – after all we deserve it!

We shop, we do the school run, we commute, we go to the gym, we read the Herts Ad, we vote, we pay taxes, we go to sleep and we do it all again tomorrow!

We are also 20 minutes away from London, St Pancras and the rest of Europe, Luton Airport and the rest of the world. So what are you looking forward to?

Here are some ideas to start us off:

London Theatre Breaks – A fabulous show and hotel package – it’s close but in 20 minutes it’s like being a million miles away. Check out theatre tickets and meal deal for London shows too.

Stratford-Upon-Avon – The Royal Shakespeare Company. We tell our visitors who are staying for a coupole of weeks to make sure they go but do we? ever?

Edinburgh City Break – The Military Tattoo or the Edinburgh Festival? YOu are never too young or too old for a short break to Edinburgh

Paris Spring Break – A Seine Dinner Cruise or a Lido Dinner Show because St Albans is great but you’ve got to be half way there already to think that a walk round Clarence Park is “romantic”

Vienna – the Spanish Riding School or any number of mid-European destinations which our parents never dreamt of being accessible when they were our age.

New York for a Musical Break – A Musical on Broadway because however good the St Albans Operatic Society’s version of West Side Story was, it doesn’t even come close – I know: I was in it!

So go on! In the nicest possible way, we don’t really want you here.

St Albans: The rest of the world is so close!

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